Detailing my build of a 1937 Ford Pickup

1937 Ford Pickup Project


  This picture is of my youngest son, Jacob, looking out through the rear window last summer- 2012. I had just returned a few weeks prior from Emporia, KS after making the drive to pick this cab up after I won the bid on eBay. The cab initially cost me $500 dollars, but after a years worth of storage in the Midwest, and too many tanks of gas to count, it turned out to be much more. Still, it was worth it because it included many parts that would normally be stripped off and sold individually. Plus the kids were able to visit with their grandparents even if only for a short while.

   It started life as a 1 1/2 ton farm truck (I believe) due to the fact the gas tank on this model was located in the cab and under the drivers seat. Trucks were workhorses back then and it has all of the usual bumps and scrapes that you would expect from a 75+ year old truck. On that note, it is actually minus a few of the usual bumps and scrapes as well. I will detail that later. In all, not a bad purchase. I have viewed similar ones going for much more since I purchased this.

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